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    How to fix a sequence that Premiere don't export? Help!


      Hy! I have this trouble with Premiere Pro CS 5.5. I can't export a project, one sequence only, because the Adobe stops working at around 62%. So I did some tests and I tried to export different parts of my project/sequnce to see which one won't export. I found that the problem might be with the middle (about 3 minutes) of my project which stucks at 90% when I try to export. Thsese part of my project has these items: JPEG (about 3000x5000 dimension) and titles on 4 video tracks,  two mp3 tracks, some transitions (fade, wipe) and almost each JPEG goes in zoom.


      I mention that I have this problem only whith this project. Other projects, even more complicated, can be exported. As I told you I think it might be something wrong with that part of my project (the one with many pictures), but I don't know what because I used the same JPEGs and MP3s in other projects and I had no problems exporting them.


      Please tell me what should I do.


      My PC is a Dell Studio XPS: i7, 4GB RAM, GeForce GTX.