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    data sets and text encoding problem


      I have a problem when trying to import french text variables into my data sets (for automated generation of lower thirds). I can not get PS to display french special characters correct. all 'accented' As and Es etc. display as weird text strings, just like your browser running on the wrong text encoder.

      How do I get PS to interpret the data sets right? Any idea?







      ( PS CS6 (13.0.1), Mac Pro running on OS X 10.7.3)

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          Charlie.D Adobe Employee

          Moving this to the Photoshop forum to help you get a response

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I have worked on many problems with multi-national characters, and in most cases, the problems related the exact font used. What is the font that you are using?


            Have you tried others?


            Are there any alternate fonts, that have the characters, that you need, that are similar, and perhaps better written?


            Good luck, and I hope that it is as simple as the font chosen.



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              GATZI Level 1

              Thanx Bill.

              Unfortunately I cannot change the font as it is corporate. It has all the characters I need, though.


              Did I mention, that I have to generate french AND german subs? No.

              Well I tackled the german versions by processing the textfiles I get with textwrangler saving them as UTF-16. That worked with the german versions.

              Unfortunately I ran into 2 other problems now:


              First problem:


              The data set consists of 7 names and their respective functions. This processes perfectly in german (as I thought to this point) but in the french version it processes perfectly for the first 4 data sets while the fitfth has the right name but the function variable now displays the 5th function AND all the rest of the names and functions. I can not get these data sets displayed seperately. Bummer.


              But even more annoying…


              Second problem:


              When I now import my perfect german lower thirds into Avid I seem to loose my alpha information.

              Avid is supereasy to use with alpha: you have 3 choices: inverted (which is the usual way of importing) having black in the alpha transparent. normal - white transparent or ignore - no transparency.

              Importing 'inverted' alpha always worked (I use Avid for about 15 years now). but these processed PSDs don't. No alpha.

              So I tried to assign an alpha channel via Actions to these files. Now Avid seems to discard the layers completely leaving me with white text where it should be black. The PSDs have black character text layers but in Avid the characters are white. It seems like AVID just renders the white pixels of the alpha channel.


              Assigning the Alpha is no option anyway, as the whole process should make the generation of these lower third EASIER and faster for the person that has to make every lower third by hand by now.


              All of this can be boiled down to one word: ARGH!

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                GATZI Level 1

                thank you.