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    Adobe Captivate

    1leona Level 1
      Is there a way to publish a .swf file that already has the player bar built in? With earlier versions of Captivate I was able to publish just one file. With Captivate 3 it looks like I have to publish 5 files!!
      Thanks much.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi 1leona

          What you can do is click Project > Skin > Borders tab and DE-select the "Show borders" check box. This will coax the playback control into the main part of the project.

          As for additional files, you may also be seeing the metadata files that are normally there. To banish those, click Edit > Preferences > Project node > Settings node and DE-select the option labeled: "Publish Adobe Connect Server metadata".

          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Hi Leona,
            I remember working with you in the past, and since you mentioned earlier versions, I'll throw another possibility to you:

            Captivate 3 includes some or all of the "old" (BMP-style) playback controls, and if you use one of them you will not have to wrestle with the "project>skin.SWF". Getting rid of the _skin.swf will get you down to the HTM, a single SWF, and the JS file(s).

            Some folks actually prefer to use the "old" BMP playbars, in order to have uniformity in their new projects relative to their legacy projects. Matter of fact, I've worked with folks who had substantial investments in their custom BMP playback controls, so for them, this option was a godsend. The BMP playbars on on the drop-list for playbars at Project > Skins.

            Hope that helps clarify the changes, and their effect on users resulting from the latter versions of Captivate.

            Best wishes~
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              Unfortunately it's not as simple as just choosing a BMP playback control. You can choose BMP playback controls all you like, but if you don't DE-select the border, you will still end up with a _skin.swf file, BMP control or not.

              It has nothing whatsoever to do with the playback control being used and everything to do with the fact the border has been enabled. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself and see.

              Cheers... Rick
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                CatBandit Level 3
                To Captiv8er,
                Goodness! No need to be argumentative or so repetitive while being argumentative (or defensive). I clearly misspoke and hereby do apologize for that misinformation.

                It has been a long, long day, culminated with a long drive in metropolitan rush hour traffic and my farm oriented brain must have tilted a bit when I wrote that part. My intent was not to argue with anything you proposed, Captiv8r, and you certainly need not approach my error as a challenge, or as though you are looking for a fight ...get the feathers down. You Are Right!

                To All:
                As I said, there are some good reasons to use the BMP Playbar, as stated above. However, using the BMP playbar style will NOT lessen the number of files generated UNLESS the *Show Border* option has de-selected.

                Thanks for pointing out the goof, and I hope I've eaten enough humble pie to satisfy even your blood lust, Captiv8r.

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Goodness indeed

                  Blood lust? Wow, you have an interesting way with words there Mr. CatBandit.

                  Lest the ASPCA be summoned for my cruelty to kitties...

                  I was simply trying to ensure that the OP (and others down the road) didn't see the erroneous additional reply, try what was suggested and become frustrated because it failed to produce what was advised it would. Had I not replied, I'm certain you would never have noticed and come back to correct what was posted.

                  I guess you inferred my suggestion of trying it yourself to see as being blood lust. Meh... whatever...

                  All I can say is that each of us creates our own sense of reality in life. And if that's your reality, there is little I will ever do to change your own perception.

                  I reject your reality and substitute my own - Adam Savage

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    1leona Level 1
                    Thanks Rick. Who would of ever thought that "show borders" meant embed playbar in movie. I ended up with 2 .swf files. One that I can discard I suppose since it's only a small 1 second movie of me moving the mouse. Now I have my stand alone .swf file even if I was warned about not exported an .html file. Thanks again.
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                      CatBandit Level 3
                      No, selecting "Show Borders" does not eliminate the _skin.swf. De-selecting that option will eliminate that swf. In this thread, mistakes are apparently not tolerated. I'm just kidding of course, and wish you all the best with your newfound knowledge, Leona.

                      Captiv8r, You are on drugs or drunk or something because you made no sense in your last post. I understand that you are still trying to attack me for some reason ... and it really isn't a problem as I am not bothered.

                      But while doing your usual best to make fun of my insistence in proper use of acronyms, you actually managed to mangle the acronym you used to insult me (it is not ASCPA, it is ASPCA, the acronym for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). You were right in the advice you posted on this thread - you need to stop there. And soon, please.