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    Basic tools


      Hi. Just wanted to check this cool new product out. But I am not able to find the basic drawing tools I am used to from Flash to make animations (Brush and Pen). Where should i look?

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          There is no brush or pen tool right now. The only tools they have will be in the top left, circle, square, rounded square, text, etc.

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            Thuendesign Level 1

            Oh, thanks! Then I misunderstood the application name "Animate". I am a little disappointed. Maybe it is a bit misleading, when its only for transitions and simple movement? 

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Hi Thuendesign, Edge Animate toolset and capability at the moment caters to html elements and imported assets (images or svg files).  In that respect its not like your typical 'design' application (Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks) where the end result is pixels (Brush) and or vector (Pen/Paths). Instead the end results are html elements (div, p, h1 etc) from the native Shape and Text Tools - once created and positioned then you Animate those elements.


              If you use use Dreamweaver to code webpages, think of Edge Animate as an alternate interface, except you can create and animate, without having to mingle with code. In Dreamweaver, for example, you add a Layout <div id="myId" class="someclass">Some Content</div> element, carefully positioned and styled using css; in Edge Animate you select a Shape Tool (this creates the <div> </div>); assign properties to the shape (this assigns the css styles to the div/shape); then apply transitions based on the changes in those property (css) values.


              Hope this helps provide a better understand of the program.


              Edit: I should also add, have a look Adobes' Mission statement concerning their commitment to an 'expressive web'. Adobe Edge Animate and its new line of Tools and Services fit into this commitment. http://html.adobe.com/mission/



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                P. Renee


                I understand where you're trying to go with edge, but it does not fit the need of a handy websafe animator if it does not offer basic functionality (as far as i've found so far) of even a simple line. Now if edge produced files somehow worked in ie8 i might accept it as the cost, but a simple file i've created in edge, with a few animations, does not work in ie8. So what's the point in not providing tools that can be added and that google has in it's animator/designer (though they're missing a lot of the features in edge);

                I need something to speed up projects and minimize coding, so if edge doesn't have one of the basic tools i need i can't use it..