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    Creating Pop Windows

      I am wondering how you can create a pop window that display on the startup of the workstation. I know that I can create the image and text in Fireworks but I am wondering how to deploy it as a html page. We are looking to display message on the users workstation for inspirational purposes. Any ideas would be helpful.
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          Put your image/message into an HTML page, save it to the local machine, then drag the HTML file to the "startup" folder. On my Windows XP machine I just click and hold onto the file, move it over the Start button, then to All Programs, and then finally into the Startup folder.

          The computer will then automatically launch that page every time you load up the desktop.
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            ctyggerpooh Level 1
            How could we do it so that it deploys to all the workstations? He also wants the message to change.
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              JoeDaSilva Level 4
              Well you could just have the URL it opens a webpage hosted on a web server or a local file server. To deploy it to multiple workstations you'd more or less have to setup that startup file on each one by hand.

              I didn't mean to suggest this is the most elegant way to handle your request. But keep in mind your asking in a forum on graphic design software ;-)