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    specs for cs 6

    hayzensproductions Level 1

      the adobe site has way outdated specs to run premiere pro cs6 and i'd like to buy a system already put together.

      i'm not a techy guy, just an editor and motion designer.

      are there any systems that i can buy from the manufacture that are already built to work?

      if so, what are they?


      thanks so much for any help!


      wilky black

      hayzen's productions

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          I build my own, but if I did not ADK would be who I would go to for sure:




          Eric and Scott there are very knowledgeable and are active participants in this forum as well.



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            lasvideo Level 4

            Hi Willy.  Like Steven I recently purchased a PC as well. Unlike him, I needed a machine that could handle ANYTHING a client might toss at me, from H.264 to Red, from broadcast motion graphics to large format signage.

            I also did communicate with Eric who is extremely helpful. But I opted for buying a machine that is prevalent in the video industry, the HP Z820. I wanted a fast and durable tank of a machine that could hanlde large formats and work long hours. Thats why I opted for the top of the line Xeons.


            Eric is great because he will help you evaluate your needed and make a suggestion based on that.


            You maybe wondering why I didnt end up buying from ADK. I discovered that HP had a 5 year 24/7 repair service that could come to my edit bay to make repairs. Since deadlines and shipping can be a hassle, I opted for a machine that is certified by Adobe and has lots of users in the entertainment industry.


            Tom Daigon