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    Need to add a custom plugin to RTE


      Business Case - On RTE I want to hyperlink text using a custom pathfield like widget. My custom path field is generating links from a database table.


      Approach - I am trying to customize the richtext editor dialog. On the rteplugin I am trying to add another plugin to it having similar functionality like "Hyperlink" plugin. The new hyperlink plugin should use my custom pathfield.


      Need help from the forum members on the following -  

      1. How to register a plugin with the plugin repository
      2. And use that register plugin within RTE
      3. Is there any better/easy approach than this


      Any pointers on the above would be highly appreciated.





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          Sham HC Level 7

          To enhance the existing link features, you may need to implement a suitable RTE plugin on your own.


          Basically, I would suggest to use the existing plugin as a starter. Overlay file located at /libs/cq/ui/widgets/source/widgets/form/rte/plugins/LinkPlugin.js into /apps/......  and adjusted as required make changes.