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    Installing Flash on Thinclient remotly




      i have to install Flash Player  on over hundred Thinclients (using :http://hdx.citrix.com/hdx-flash/download-plugin)


      with the remote Managment no Problem, theoreticaly. but i launch the installation with


      flash.exe -install


      but it shows everytime the OPtion: Update Flash Player Preferences


      so i cant install it with the remotemanagment .. is there no command, to do the installation without this question?


      i tried out:


      flash.exe -install -SetUpdateMode 0

      flash.exe -qn

      flash.exe -install

      flash.exe -install -au 0

      flash.exe -install -au 1


      i created te mmc.cfg to an put it to ..\system32\macromedia\flash\  but still nothing


      hope you can help me installing the flash player over command without promt..