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    Nvidia Quadros only have display port 1.1a for s3d formats

    tfi productions 44 Level 1

      hello all,


      researching s3d workflows with a quadro 4000 on a win 7 pc

      using Premiere Pro 5.03 (soon to be cs6)


      turns out that all the quadro cards only have 1.1a spec for the display port

      and display port 1.1a only allows for "frame sequential" viewing, not all the other

      'modes' that are possible with display port 1.2...


      does anyone have more information on this

      or a work around?


      does dual link dvi allow for more 3d modes than just 'frame sequential'?




      "DisplayPort 1.1a had support for frame sequential stereo and could provide 1080p resolution with 60Hz per eye in 3D mode, but due to limited support of the interface on video cards back then DL-DVI was the preferred choice. Now the newer DisplayPort 1.2 has even better support for stereoscopic 3D displays and can provide up to 120Hz refresh rate per eye in 1080p resolution or 2560×1600 with 60Hz per eye in 3D mode. The 1.2 version of the interface supports not only frame sequential format, but can also work with Side by Side, Top/Bottom, Line and Pixel interleaved modes. There is also an enhancement of the EDID allowing display manufacturers to describe what is their 3D monitor using DisplayPort is capable of supporting in 3D mode, so that the capabilities of the display can be automatically read by the computer software."


      i guess all the technology in the s3d pipeline is still not in harmony yet...


      thanks in advance,