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    Sum Fields Values Identified by Another Field


      Working in LiveCycle ES2. Very basic experience in developing scripting. Have created an expandable Expense Reimbursement form with a replicating table for each expense item (e.g., row). Have a subform at the end of the form to capture the totals.  Have been able to script to capture the AmountSpent for all of the expense items:


      form1.MainForm.TotalsSF.Table4.Row2.EmployeeExpenses::calculate - (FormCalc, client)



      Need to script to capture the AmountSpent for only items that are identified as NonReimbursable:




      Have a checkbox in the table to identify an expense item as NonReimb.  This box replicates with the table.




      How do I script a calculation to sum all of the AmountSpent for each item that is checked as NonReimb?