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    Problem with custom IncorrectEventHandlerNameRule

    elPerea Level 1

      Hello, I'm usin the eclipse-plugin, and I just have a problem with the IncorrectEventHandlerName


      I want that the name's function have this format:



      So, I created a custom ruleset and modified the IncorrectEventHandlerNameRule like this:


        <rule since="" class="com.adobe.ac.pmd.rules.naming.IncorrectEventHandlerNameRule" message="This event handler name ({0}) is not correct. You should use [{1}] as prefix and [{2}] as suffix">




            <property name="prefix">



            <property name="suffix">






      But it seems that the rule doesn't use those properties when I run FlexPmd again the rule msg shows the default values (prefix="on" suffix="").


      Does anybody know what's wrong?