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    Web Application Idea and Questions


      I have a client that I need to create a web app for. Without saying to much, what I'd like to do is to have a choice of 30 cards available to the user to choose from. The user will be prompted to choose 3 of the 30 cards. Based of which 3 cards they choose, they will be directed to a specific page (marker in the timeline).


      I know this sounds like a game, but it's not.


      What I'd like to know is:


      Is this possible with Edge?


      I'm not asking "how" to do it, although that would be great, but just to decide if I should pursue doing it in Edge.


      Why Edge? I want it viewble onn the desktop as well as iPhone/iPad. I've been using Edge since it came out, although for basic animations, nothing like this. I love Edge as I have lots of After Effects time under my belt and I feel comfortable with it.


      I'm not a java script guy, but I would think this could be done with Edge and some heavy duty java script... yes? No? Maybe?


      Lastly, and I'm not sure if this is allowed..... IF this is possible, are there any of you out there that would be willing to help out with this type of project? For pay of course.


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts/comments!