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    HTML layout and CSS handling in CQ5

    biosopher Level 1

      OK...so this may sound like a newbie question...because it is.  Kinda.


      I'm new to CQ5 but am an experienced web developer.  CQ5 doesn't appear to provide tools to layout of web pages (html tags, divs, css styling, ...).  I'm comfortable doing this by hand, but that seems rather old school in the days of Dreamweaver and such.


      What layout/design tools do you recommend for creating HTML and CSS pages for use in CQ5?  I have wireframes in-hand and ready to translate to HTML.



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          reusr1 Level 2

          CQ is a rendering engine that is not constrained to a single layout, in fact you get to choose and implement whatever you think is best for your website.

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            biosopher Level 1

            I understand that CQ 5 is just about rendering and content storage, but CQ5 provides special tags and has a unique way of organizing css files, images, text, ...


            I could resort to hand-coding but thought there might be a WYSIWYG styled editor (more like Dreamweaver) that would allow me to visually create my HTML/CSS in a format that's readily importable into CQ5.


            What tools do you use to generate your HTML and CSS?

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              None of the enterprise content management systems that I've used, including CQ, provide WYSIWYG tools for building the layouts/templates of the site.


              I always build complete static versions of the designs/wireframes by hand entirely outside of CQ.  I prefer Textmate, but of course you can use whatever visual tool you prefer.  After the static HTML passes muster it then needs to be integrated, by hand, into CQ in the form of page and content components.  This is generally straightforward (depending on the design).


              CQ 5.5 does give you the Site Importer to help bring an existing page (or set of pages) into CQ which it then breaks up into the beginnings of a project, but in reality the developer will still need to break that up even further anyway.  Applying this integration by hand from the ground up will likely give you better control and awareness of what's going on in your project. Letting to much "magic" happen behind a slick wizard or WYSIWYG won't help you when something (inevitably) needs debugging and dissection.


              Having said all this, since the Adobe acquisition of CQ, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of Dreamweaver plugin in the works for connecting to CQ!


              Good luck!

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                biosopher Level 1

                Thanks for the details on your dev approach, garth914.  It would be great to have tighter integrations with Dreamweaver...though I often resort to hand-coding myself anyway.