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    Missing Javascript menu items on Acrobat 9 Standard


      I've been trying to get into some more advanced JS coding within Acrobat for forms, and I'm running into a bit of a roadblock in accessing the javascript tools.  Specifically, I keep seeing references to Javascript menu items under the Advanced menu, but my Acrobat doesn't seem to have these at all.  I also can't open the JS Debugger/console with Ctrl-J, but it will open if i put in a syntactically incorrect javascript statement and try to execute it (from a form field, etc).


      Anyone have any ideas how to correct this?  I found references online to this being an issue if Acrobat Reader is also installed on the same machine (it was), so i removed that, but the problem persists.  I can enter javascript into an individual field, but i can't add a document-level script at all.