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    InDesign CS6 e pub conversion question

    mentlity Level 1

      I got the basics of InDesign down pretty good. I'm able to create interactive pdfs fine and I wanted to take the .id file that created the pdf and convert it to an epub. When I did everything came thru quite nicely except for a few things. First, the cover or first page of the .id is made up of text and images. The text is 100pts 75pts then an image. The paragraph styles all used size 18 text. When looking at the exported epub on an IPad obviously the text is way too large to fit the screen correctly.


      With that mentioned is there a way to take the original id file, change the preferences so the cover font is smaller along with the paragraph fonts? Because the original id file was set to be viewed at 51p0 x 66p0 and of course this size would be a factor when viewing in a smaller setting as an IPad is 1024 x 768.


      Is there a set way to do this or do I have to create another id file with the Ipad dimensions and manually copy and paster the font and make smaller?