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    Why does PS CS5 (12.0.4) write to original file when I 'save as copy'?

    bret_linford Level 1

      Here's the scoop: I open a PS file. I chose 'Save As' but uncheck 'Show Layers' in the dialog box. So now it's essentially a 'Save A Copy'. When the new file is saved the original file is written to (although nothing changed) and now has the same modification date as the 'Save A Copy' file. Super strange and causing issues. Because if one flattens or does anything to the original file, those changes are baked into the original file!


      Any ideas? Thanks, in advance.


      Mac OS 10.7.3

      iMac i7 3.4GHz

      32 GB RAM

      256GB internal SSD (scratch disk)

      1 TB internal SATA (system/data disk)

      ColorEdge CG275W main monitor via Thunderbolt


      Photoshop 12.0.4

      Nik ColorEFX Pro 3.x

      Onone Perfect Resize Pro 7.x