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    Printing photos

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          bartbrn Level 1

          I have a PSE10 grayscale image that MUST be printed out full size, which is 12.3" x 9.08" at 150ppi (1845 x 1362 pixels) using standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper. I have found no way in PSE 10 to tile images (and it would be especially nice to do so with cross-hair registration marks; NOT crop marks). Is this one more thing that's "not doable" in PSE10 to distinguish it from its $700 Big Brother, or is there a way to tile.


          I'd appreciate an answer very much.


          Bart Brown

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            I have bought a new I mac with OSX 10.7. In this machine a have installed PSE 11 and also a photoprinter Canon IP 4700 including the program Easy Photoprint EX for the OS above. Everything is working without in the program PS11 because I can’t se anywhere how to choose paperquality or qualityprinting settings for photoprinting.

            After many hours searching I have unfortunalety gone back to my old PC where  everything is working with PSE 8.

            Please adwise me how to make photoprinting in PSE 11 in mac.


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              Barbara B. Level 7

              You choose the paper quality, ink, and color settings in the OS X print window that opens after you click print in the PSE print window (this is how all printing works in recent versions of OS X, not just in PSE). You may need to expand the window by clicking the Show Details button. The settings will be found in the pulldown menu in the middle of the expanded window, the one that says Layout.

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                lailaochjag Level 1

                Thank you for fast answer but I do not have this button.

                From left help, page setup, more options, print, and cancel.

                Right in the print window I have: 1 Elect printer, 2 Select paper size, 3 Elect print size and that's all.

                In PSE 8 for comparing I have much more options such as printer settings  f. ex. paper type print quality and more.

                In the right side of PSE 8 print window I have 1 Elect printer, 2 Printer settings, 3 Elect paper size, 4 Choose type of printing, 5 Elect printing size.

                I have also search all options in system settings without result

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                  The "show details" button appears in OS 10.8, I don't remember if it's in 10.7. If you don't see a button that actually says "show details", then look for a small dark triangle that points down. Apple used this for years as a "show details" button, despite complaints from many users (including me) who didn't recognize it. YOu'll find that you can then choose printers and paper sizes, create ("manage") custom paper sizes, and access many application-specific print options. Good luck.

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                    bartbrn Level 1

                    Yes, the "small dark triangle" (which may or may not have had some Freudian connotation), the purpose of which may have been patently obvious to those who coded the OS, was an unnecessarily abstruse hieroglyph to  millions of Mac users. Like most of Apple's unduly arcane enigmas, once you know the trick, you know the trick (though you STILL don't know why Apple made something so necessary so obscure); but for those coming upon it for the first time, it is VERY far from intuitive and user-friendly.


                    Barbara B. -- thanks for the explanation! I had somehow fumbled my way through it and finally figured it out, but your description is admirably concise and should be of great value to others. I've been using nothing but Macs since 1989 (my first IIci with a 200 MB HD cost $5,000.00), and it used to be that each individual app had its own unique way of -- and window for -- dealing with the details of things like printing -- Freehand had a different kind of "Print" window than Illustrator, and Quark XPress, as always, was in a self-enclosed universe of its own.


                    Since the advent of OS X, the OS itself has "taken over" and standardized many of these functions, but it's still not as transparently obvious as it should be.



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                      Barbara B. Level 7

                      Yes, I agree, bartbn. I'm just grateful adobe doesn't follow the hideous File>Duplicate protocol that has replaced Save As in 10.7 and 10.8. Trying to explain that along with the pitfalls of autosave is no fun at all.

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                        bartbrn Level 1

                        "I'm just grateful adobe doesn't follow the hideous File>Duplicate protocol that has replaced Save As in 10.7 and 10.8."


                        THANK YOU for bringing that up -- I've been meaning to call AppleCare about this (they can't do anything, but I paid for Apple Care, so why not?). This File>Duplicate thing is the absolute stupidest app command I've ever seen from Apple. I used to use SimpleText as a quick notepad (I loathe those yellow stickies -- they look like something Microsoft would think was a "really neat-o keen idea"). Save.Duplicate, Save a version, this whatever can't be saved on this drive bladiddybldiddybladiddy. If it works -- and especially if it works well -- DON'T FIX IT!

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                          Barbara B. Level 7

                          If you haven't tried it, the "fix" in 10.8 is even worse. You can enable Save As, but it also saves the changes to the original (unless 10.8.2 has fixed that--haven't bothered to try it).

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                            bartbrn Level 1

                            I didn't even want Lion, and I've only gone to 10.7.5*, but after nearly a year (I'm NOT kidding) of problems with my original Late Fall '09 27" iMac, that involved swapping out the logic board, power supply, and video module THREE times -- the last time an "I-didn't-think-they-did-that-any-more" tech HOUSE-CALL -- Apple finally (after probably spending 3 times what a new 27" iMac would have cost) gave me a new 27" iMac (thank YOU, Apple Care -- don't buy a Mac without it!). Unfortunately, the new 27" iMac came with Lion pre-installed, and Snow Leopard CANNOT be installed on it. Lion crippled several of my apps, the most painful being Adobe CS2, the only components of which that I cared about being Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm now retired and on a fixed income, and there's no way I can afford even the stand-alone Photoshop and Illustrator. I shoot in Camera RAW, and though Lightroom would be very handy, along with Photoshop and Illustrator, and Bridge is a handy tool, I have NO use for:


                            InDesign® CS6


                            Adobe Muse™


                            Acrobat® XI Pro


                            Flash® Professional CS6


                            Flash Builder® 4.6 Premium Edition


                            Dreamweaver® CS6


                            Edge Tools & Services


                            Fireworks® CS6


                            Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6


                            After Effects® CS6


                            Adobe Audition® CS6


                            SpeedGrade™ CS6


                            Prelude™ CS6


                            Encore® CS6


                            Story CS6


                            Media Encoder CS6


                            Business Catalyst




                            So I had to bite the unpalatable bullet and get Photoshop Elements 10, which gelds Photoshop with such absolutely necessary (to me) omissions as creating and applyong "Actions," and has one of the most annoying interfaces ever foisted upon an unsuspecting public. When I asked someone at Adobe why "Actions" and a few other workflow smoothers were missing in PSE10, I was told "Well, we had to do something to differentiate PSE from PS."


                            Great promotional thinking.


                            *The reason I only went to OS X v10.7.5.0 is that an app I use a great deal, Ambrosia's "Wire Tap Studio" (sound and music editing) was crippled by Lion: where you used to be able to record out of specific applications: iTunes, any browser, etc., and not worry about other app or system sounds (like the unnecessary and annoying "clack clack clack" when you change volume, or the "blomp" when you get new mail) showing up in your recording, now you have to turn off all other apps except WireTap Studio and whatever source you're recording from, as sound now can ONLY be recorded through "Mac audio" (any sound the computer makes) or the internal microphone. Ambrosia's been working on this problem for months, and not getting much help from Apple.


                            CRISWELL PREDICTS: I believe Apple wants to do away with the ASDK and shut out third-party applications completely, eventually FORCING Mac users to buy ONLY from the vile App Store. If there's ONE thing Apple HATES, it's seeing money -- however paltry -- going to anybody but them. The money Apple has shoveled in from iPhones, iPods, and iPads has made them power-mad. They've basically given up on computer design -- there's very little difference in the new iMacs vs the Mid-2011s (which HAD been the "new iMac" until well into 2012, I believe) and concentrated all their R&D and advertising dollars on the afore-mentioned iPhones, iPods, and iPads. I suppose it's inevitable that, having gotten over the public acceptance hurdle of "iPad," the next new product will be the "iPoop," to be used only while sitting on the bathroom throne...


                            The best thing one can say about Apple is that it's NOT Microsoft... yet.

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                              Barbara B. Level 7

                              Well, you could get Lightroom for under a hundred dollars right now. Perhaps that would serve you better than PSE.

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                                I cannot seem to find the ability to enter a percentage to scale down prints to fit to the page when printing "full bleed" images. I am using PSE 11 on a Mac. Previously, with PSE 8, on the "More Options" tab there was a box where the user could enter a percentage. I use an HP printer that automatically scales everything up by about 3%, so when printing "fit to page" I would always print out at about 97%, and everything would fit the way it was supposed to. I don't see this option in PSE 11. Am I missing it?

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                                  SK1965 Level 1

                                  PS: When I select "Scale to Fit Media" the print is still slightly enlarged on my HP Printer, so that option is not a solution for me.

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                                    judithannbraun Level 1

                                    I'm in PSE 11...mac....When I click PRINT and choose the image and get everything else chosen, sometimes, I can click the final PRINT on the window where I've chosen "page setup" options...and it works fine.  But sometimes that window does not display "print" and I have to click print from the other window and I get a message telling me that the image "will be rendered at less then 220 dpi".  HONESTLY I can do one and it goes through fine, and the same exact set up the next time and I get this message.  It is very random.  HELP.

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                                      Barbara B. Level 7

                                      I can click the final PRINT on the window where I've chosen "page setup" options...and it works fine.  But sometimes that window does not display "print" and I have to click print from the other window

                                      Sorry, not following you here. You press command+P or go to File>Print, then you click Print in the PSE window, then in the OS X window. Which one is "that window" and which is "the other window"?

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                                        judithannbraun Level 1

                                        At this point nothing will print.  I open PRINT from "file" and the window

                                        that opens has various settings...(which I know how to do. ).  Then the

                                        "page setup" section, SOMETIMES does not open at all....and now PRINT does

                                        not activate anything either.  I had been getting a message saying "image

                                        will be rendered less than 220 dpi".  But that was also intermittent...even

                                        if I was printing the exact same page with no changes and no problems

                                        earlier. So.... At the moment the PRINT button lights when I click it, but

                                        nothing happens.  I have checked my printer driver and it's up to date, and

                                        I have rebooted both PSE 11 and my computer.  I have also installed any

                                        recent updates.


                                        I just installed this new version of PSE 11 a few days ago, and I have been

                                        printing from it ok until today, when something stopped working

                                        suddenly...even though I had not changed what I was printing.


                                        hope you can help.

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                                          Barbara B. Level 7

                                          The first thing to try when PSE gets weird is to trash the editor preferences. Go to the editor's preferences>general, click this button and restart the editor:


                                          prefs reset.gif

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                                            judithannbraun Level 1

                                            THANK YOU.  For the moment that seems to have solved the PRINTING problem.


                                            Now please while I have your attention, I have one other big question.


                                            I have always used BRIDGE as my organizer, but with the new PSE 11 I got

                                            the Adobe Organizer, and I was going to try to use it instead.

                                            BUT....there are no WORD LABELS for the images????

                                            I couldn't find anywhere in preferences to set up the information to appear

                                            under each thumbnail.  This is essential in organizing and using the file

                                            system...to be able to read the number or letters or words that I give to

                                            my images.  IS THERE A PLACE TO SET THAT UP?


                                            If not, it's totally useless.


                                            Thank you,


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                                              How do I add a printer because right now it doesn't recognize my printer