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    Keeping swatches in order


      I created a template with a number of different swatches and reshuffled them into a specific order.

      When I create a new document from the template it keeps the swatches in that specific order, but when I try to access those swatches from another document, the swatches all seem to be there but are reshuffled.

      I've tried to export the swatches as an ".ase" file, but those get reshuffled too.

      Is there a way to keep them from running amok?


      I'm using CS5

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          Mead324 Level 1

          If you aren't particular about the name of your colors, then put them in the order you want and add numbers 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, etc. to the names of your swatches. Once you've done this, you can save them as an .ase and if they get out of order after an import or if you add other swatches, you can always use the option to list swatches by "Name" (under the menu on the panel) and your swatches will go back to your preferred order.

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            Craig_Run Level 1

            Thanks, that would work, but it could get cumbersome if there are a lot of swatches and you want to add to them later on.

            Seems like it could be streamlined a different way.

            I've seen it done in Illustrator where the swatches keep the order they're set in (in fact, if you import said Illustrator swatches into InDesign they stay in order).


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              Mead324 Level 1

              You're right. I should have mentioned that I have generally had good experience with saving an .ase file and then importing swatches. The intial import usually comes into InDesign in the order in which I've saved the swatchs in the first place. Has this not been your experience with your initial import? Once I start adding new swatches and importing illustrator files that might have embedded colors that automatically add to the swatches panel, then I do sometimes fine the swatches panel does get itself into a bit of a jumble.

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                Craig_Run Level 1

                I'm trying to create a master swatch list for my organization with Pantones, RGB and CMYK colors all wrapped up in one list. It gets jumbled when I import the .ase file into a document.

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                  Rik Ramsay Level 4

                  If it were me, I would create 3 swatch lists - I do this for many clients.


                  The reasons for this are:

                  • If you are doing press print work, you don't need RGB swatches.
                  • If you are using 4 color, you don't need PMS
                  • If you are doing web work, you don't need CMYK or PMS


                  This will then allow you to only import what you need and it gives a smaller list to sort through. It should also keep the swatches in the order you kept them and you can name the RGB and CMYK swatch by the same name. Eg, client_Red (CMYK), client_Red (RGB).