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    No blackmagic presets available in 5.5.2


      I am using PPro 5.5.2 on an HP xw8600 with 16GB ram and dual xeons.  I have a decklink sdi card installed and the drivers loaded.

      PPro does not see the decklink card and only DV/HDV are available for capture/playback.  I have looked for Blackmagic presets in capture and in sequence settings, but don't see them.

      I can not see my outboard deck either, a Panasonic AJ HS1200a with SDI.  I can capture using the BM Media express and then importing that into PPro(which does see the deck and has RS 422 control), but I have seen people talking about using the decklink presets in PPro.  I also don't see all the presets for SLRs either.  What I am missing here?  Do I have to load drivers for BM into PPro somewhere?  This deck also has firewire and PPro saw an active firewire hooked up but only has presets for DV/HDV camcorders-so I doubt that would be DVCPro HD.  But am willing to use firewire if the sdi is unavailable.  Thanks


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          Andrew_S Level 3

          Hi Jack, I encountered a similar problem with CS3 and the Intensity card. I upgraded the Blackmagic software to the latest version and eventually discovered that the latest version (at that time) did not support CS3. There was nothing in the documentation about this. I eventually found that v 3.9.4 was the newest version that supported CS3. Maybe you have a similar issue with CS5? I'd suggest uninstalling the BM software, install the version that came with your product and if that works, upgrade the versions one version at a time to find the last one that works with CS5.


          bye Andrew