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    "The webpage cannot be displayed" and chm problem in WebHelp Output


      Hello all, I'm Kelvin, I am new to RoboHelp, can anyone help to solve the problem I encountered when using RoboHelp 10? I am using the RoboHelp 10 Trial Version to open an old WinHelp projects. After I generate the WebHelp output, when I click some of the topics in the left menu, the browser shows "The webpage cannot be displayed".


      For those inaccessible items, I'd found that the URLs are strange like "C:\{Project Location}/HTMLHelp/!SSL!/WebHelp/‟-.chm::/{FileName}.htm". where the link had inlcuded a chm related characters.


      However, for the items I can access, the links show as normal as "C:/{Project Location}/HTMLHelp/!SSL!/WebHelp/{project_folder}/{FileName}.htm".


      Sometimes, I'd also found that there are some strange characters in front of the chm like "酀疮ᆐ끙疪-.chm::/".


      I am using Windows 7 32-bit OS with the trial version of RoboHelp downloaded from adobe.com. And I browsed the output with IE 9 and Firefox 14, and the problem exists in both.


      One more supplement information: My colleague had used the trial version of RoboHelp 9 to open the same project source files and everything works fine.


      Thanks in advance.