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    PS CS6 - Convert to profile - wrong color preview with AdobeRGB -> AdobeRGB conversion.




      I've discovered what looks as a little bug to me in CS6 (as compared to PS CS3 and CS4).

      I would be inteterested if others could confirm it (or explain it to me)


      When using Convert to profile, AdobeRGB->AdobeRGB "conversion" bugs in the preview. Since there's no actual conversion, the preview should remain the same but instead shows a strong contrast shift.


      Here's my workflow:

      - Working color space : sRGB (I use Europe General Purpose 3 preset)

      - Open a document in AdobeRGB (original profile preserved, no prior conversion to sRGB), no soft-proofing activated

      - I run "Convert to profile", Source profile is Adobe RGB. Now if I go for Destination profile: AdobeRGB (which is of course "pointless"), I see a color shift in the image preview. If I run the conversion, the image reverts to normal, hence this just affects the preview. Note that converting to other profiles like sRGB doesn't give a wrong preview.

      "Convert to profile" settings are Engine: Adobe (ACE), Intent: Relative Colorimetric, Use black point compensation and Dither. Altering these settings doesn't correct the bug I'm mentionning.


      This visual preview bug only affects AdobeRGB -> AdobeRGB conversion (again, yes, I know, it's pointless)


      I've tested the issue on two separated machines (Windows 7, PS CS6 x64)


      Do you experience the same issues?


      Thank you!