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    Different behaviour of a plugin in CS6 and CS5.5


      I've noticed a difference in a plugin behaviour in CS6 and CS5.5.

      The following call generates a PF_Cmd_ARBITRARY_CALLBACK in CS6. The PF_Cmd_ARBITRARY_CALLBACK appears later in a plugin work and doesn't work properly in CS6. Though in CS5.5 there is no problem with this function, it doesn't generate any weird events.


      suites.ParamUtilsSuite1()->PF_GetCurrentState(in_data->effect_ref, &seqData->curSessionParamState); (code for CS5.5)

      suites.ParamUtilsSuite3()->PF_GetCurrentState(in_data->effect_ref,PF_ParamIndex_CHECK_ALL, NULL, NULL, &seqData->curSessionParamState); (updated code for CS6, in respect that the signature of PF_GetCurrentState has changed)


      I work in Windows 7, x64. CS6 is version, CS5.5 is version. Do you have any idea what might have changed in CS6 to provide such an error?