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    SSD for scratch disk?

    crammondslo Level 1

      I'm going to make this short because there is not enough time left..


      There is an offer for a Kingstone V+200 120GB SSD for half the regular price, about 70eur/100 usd. Only about 60 on stock and they will all go before the day ends.


      My computer so far:


      Sabertooth P67


      GTX 570

      32gb ram (on the way)

      256gb SSD for OS and applications (on the way)

      6 x 1TB Samsung 7200 drive

      1x 1.5 TB WD 7200 drive


      Would it be wise to buy the 120GB SSD for a scratch disk or is that not enough storage?


      I mainly work with Premiere Pro CS5.5 editing videos from my Canon 5D2. Here and there I use AfterEffects and Lightroom..


      So the question is only about the above 120GB SSD for scratch - simple answer - yes or no?