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    Unable to authorize


      I just installed adobe digital editions 2.0 and created a new id, but cannot authorize it. I'm getting this error:


      Activation Server Error

      code: E_STREAM_ERROR:WinInet returned 0(0)


      Has anyone encountered this before? I can't believe that retailers rely on a product that is so poorly supported.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I think you misunderstand a couple of things.


          Retailers don't 'rely on' ADE.  It's one of several products that deal with

          electronic books.  What you may be thinking of is that the industry has

          made a standard for digital rights management, and that standard involves

          Adobe Content Server Manager (ascm for short).  Digital Editions - from

          Adobe - has  ASCM support integrated in it


          With that caveat, you're on a forum discussing your frustration.  Have you

          tried contacting Adobe technical support, or chat?  THAT's where you get

          the support.  All we do here is share user experiences.....



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            Rui in Ontario

            I am equally frustrated with trying to authorise Digital Editions on my laptop. I have a number of books that I've purchased and I'm now trying to switch over from an old Sony Reader (terrible product!) to a Kobo and I can't even transfer public domain material such as Adobe's copy of Sherlock Holmes!  Consistently getting the error E_AUTH_NOT_READY, Digital Editions Encountered an error on the activation server.  Incredible that we have to work with such a poorly supported product.  Freeware yes, but Adobe, please put something out that works well,  charge for it and then support it accodingly.

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              tnsprin Level 1

              To get rid of the condition E_AUTH_NOT_READY, launch ADE.  Then hit control+SHIFT D.  This will ask you if you want to unauthorize ADE.  Say yes.  Then go back to the authorize and Authrorize your computer with your ADOBE ID and password.


              THe problem appears to be that the previous versions of authorizations only allowed one ID.  The new ADE allows multiples and stores them in a slightly different form, and causes this screwup.  You may also want to unathorize and reauthorize your device.

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                Rui in Ontario Level 1

                Dear Tech Support,


                Thank you for your message.  Yes I did eventually figure this out from

                reading one of the blogs that I found through Google.  The solution was

                certainly not at all intuitve from the the software or the system error



                I have been able to retrieve my previous books into the new device and

                perhaps for now I'll just purchase books from the Kobo site and try to keep

                it simple!


                Best regards

                Rui De Carvalho