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    Bug? Contents of symbol (graphic) disappearing after save and reopening file.

    Marieke van Middelkoop

      This is totally working on my nerves now:


      I'm making an animation in Flash and use a lot op graphics / symbols in the timeline. Also symbols in symbols with tweening etc.

      Almost works fine but once in a while (too often if you have a deadline), when i reopen a file the next day, the contents of a graphic can be totally gone.

      The graphic is still in the timeline, but there's nothing in it.


      The last two days i get a variation on that: the last changes i performed on a graphic (e.g. coloring or adding some frames within the graphic) are gone and the graphic is back to an older version of itself (e.g. not colored, or without the frames or drawing i added last).


      Anyone know if this is a known bug and if there is a workaround or something?

      (i backupped the file earlier, but also in the backupped file, the graphic was missing the last edits so where does this happen... on opening a file?!?!)