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    Creating correct project in Premier Elements 10 for 5dMkii 640x480 25fps

    tobyhawksmoor Level 1

      I have just shot my first bit of film on my 5dMkii and now want to edit it in PE10. It was for a short cocktail video just as a bit of SoMe marketing post to Youtube so I did it in the 5D's smallest available format (640x480 25fps).


      I am a complete novice at this and have tried to watch a few videos a=but can't find the answer I need. What should I create the project as off the bat? I can't find any optoin for 640x480 25 the closest I can see is 480p DSLR 640x480p50.


      Can I just use this or should I use somthing else? I thought this was going to be far easier to knock out than I thought and I'm already stuck!


      Many thanks