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    can't move 3D camera ?

    simo.b Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm having an issue trying to move the camera view in cs6 extended using a 3d Layer. Here's the idea:


      1. Create a 3D Layer extrusion / mesh primitive.

      2. I select the current view item in 3D Panel / click outside model.

      3. The border frame appears yellow.

      4. When I select the Move tool, I can only rotate around the y axis, can't rotate up or down. Can't roll the camera, move or slide either using the other move tool modes.

      5. I can adjust the co-ordinates properties for the current view and it works OK.

      6. Object /light transforms work OK.


      I'm testing on 13.0.1, mac 10.7.4. I had the same problem on another machine on 10.6.8 on v 13.0 last week that fixed itself, but not sure how ...


      Any help appreciated