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    Can't authorize in 2.0


      I used the old version of ADE with no problems on a different PC. I just downloaded 2.0 on a new machine and skipped the login/authorization step and now I can't get it to authorize my Nook (and/or maybe my computer?). The "authorize" links are grayed out, and I keep uninstalling and reinstalling trying to get that login/authorization screen to pop up again but it won't.


      It recognizes my Nook but it is grayed out when I select the option to copy an ebook to my Nook. I am beyond frustrated.

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          tnsprin Level 1

          Had the same problem.


          You need to deauthorize your computer first (they screwed up the migration of the authorizations to 2.0.  Launch ade then hit CONTROL+shift+D.  it will ask you if you want to deauthorize your computer.  Say yes.


          When you go back in you should see authorize option and can reenter your adobe id and password.


          Next connect your nook, and delete its authorization and then authorize it again.


          Problems is apparently because 2.0 supports multiple authorizations while 1.7 did not.