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    ECMelton Level 1

      Randy, I think what we all struggle with is the potential confusion for forms users when they complete page 1 & see that 0% is complete.  Most of us have been taught to"dummy-proof" our forms as much as possible, especially if the form users are an easily confused group. Seems the middle pages work fine, and from other comments I've seen, it is probably a good thing that the final page is suppressed, to avoid confusion over the "100%  complete"issue.


      Thanks again for clarifying for us, Randy!

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          What should be the % value on the first page in your opinion?

          Maybe the first page shouldn't show progress (like the last page), thoughts?



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            ECMelton Level 1

            Seems like that would be ideal & logical for page one's progress to be formulated to display the percentage derived from the number of questions completed on page 1, divided by the total number of questions in the entire form (as is done in the middle pages)


            I frankly feel that suppressing page one's progress bar would be better than still showing 0% once the user has completed page one's questions.


            Have I missed something in understanding what our expectations SHOULD be (or what the standards are) for page one's progress, or is there another complication with how the progress function works that is just over my head?


            Eternally grateful!