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    Same Session, Multiple Submits

    kodemonki Level 1
      I have a form in CF8 where a user selects a client, fills out a form, and then uses CFThread to process the submitted data, while the user can go on to the next client and fill out another form, etc.

      I am trying to do something like this in CF4.5 where I incorporate the customer ID into the form name so that it can work similarly to the CF8 version, the user will just have to open multiple windows of the same session so they don't have to wait for all the calculations to take place (<3 cfthread <3).

      Does anyone have any ideas about how this will work? Better suggestions? I just want to make sure client A's data isn't mixed up with client B's. The previous developer used CFLock and session variables. I don't think this is the solution though because the user would have to wait for the server to be done will all the data before (s)he moves on, that and we used to have people doing what I'm trying to implement now (opening multiple windows and submitting) except that the situation would be funky because of session variables being set hither and thither.

      Thanks for the help!