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    Can I create a single style that goes "text (tab) bold text (tab) text"?

    kellyjaye1 Level 1

      Im working on a car listing booklet and trying to figure out the best way to merge info into the document.  The best way I can figure out for my needs is to physically copy and paste the info out of an Excel file and into a text frame of the ID document.  Im familiar with normal merging when you make a connection to the file but I dont think that will work for this.


      What the listings need to look like is:

      Bobs Cars   (tab)   Ford   (tab)   Mustang   (tab)   Year


      I need the make to be in bold but since its not actual columns in the ID document, then I have to manually highlight the Ford and click the style for making it bold.  I have about 10,000 listings and that just isnt going to work that way!  Something like this I would generally create a paragraph style for the whole thing with a character style for the bold.  I want to be able to highlight the entire list and apply one style to make it work out.  Is there a way to create a style that knows to apply a character style after the first tab or some other method that I cant come up with yet?