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    Resizing application causes createContentPane to dispatch second Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE


      My application relies heavily on the addedToStage and removedFromStage events. Yesterday, I hit a rather obscure edge case with these events, described here by an Adobe engineer:




      I used the workaround described in the article where I create a contentPane in createChildren(). However, I find that despite this, when I resize my application window, the same Container throws a removedFromStage event from Container::createContentPane(). The code for that method checks for the existence of a contentPane, so I'm not sure why this is happening. I know that my contentPane is being created because I see the contentPane property change after the createContentPane() call.I'm attaching the code for that call below.



           *  @private
          mx_internal function createContentPane():void
              if (contentPane)
              creatingContentPane = true;
              // Reparent the children.  Get the number before we create contentPane
              // because that changes logic of how many children we have
              var n:int = numChildren;
              var newPane:Sprite = new FlexSprite();
              newPane.name = "contentPane";
              // Place content pane above border and background image but below
              // all other chrome.
              var childIndex:int;
              if (border)
                  childIndex = rawChildren.getChildIndex(DisplayObject(border)) + 1;
                  if (border is IRectangularBorder && IRectangularBorder(border).hasBackgroundImage)
                  childIndex = 0;
              rawChildren.addChildAt(newPane, childIndex);
              for (var i:int = 0; i < n; i++)
                  // use super because contentPane now exists and messes up getChildAt();
                  var child:IUIComponent =
                  _numChildren--; // required
              contentPane = newPane;
              creatingContentPane = false
              // UIComponent sets $visible to false. If we don't make it true here,
              // nothing shows up. Making this true should be harmless, as the
              // container itself should be false, and so should all its children.
              contentPane.visible = true;