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    CS6 Text Layer names not updating to show actual text

    R. Sinclair Level 1

      I've got some Text Layers in my CS6 document.


      In CS5, if I had Text Layers and changed the text on the layer (by double-clicking the "T" icon of the specific Layer in the Layers palette), the name of the Layer would change to reflect the new text I entered.


      For some reason this behavior is gone in CS6. So, for example:


      • I have a Text Layer with the word "Email" on my canvas. The Text Layer name also reads "Email".

      • I double-click the "T" icon of the Email Layer to edit the text on canvas.

      • I enter new text, "Contact". The text on canvas updates to "Contact", but the Layer Name remains "Email".


      So, for accurate Layer names, I find myself having to change the text twice: once on the canvas, and then manually updating the Layer name as well. Is there an option or preference somewhere that I'm missing that would re-enable the behavior from CS5?