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    Marking questions as answered

    Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      FYI, Adobe is monitoring the support provided by the Adobe Forums. Part of this monitoring consists of data gathering on how effective the Replies and the Forums are.


      When you post a problem to the forums, only you (or one of the Moderators), have the ability to mark a Reply as "Correct," or "Helpful." If "Correct" is chosen, then the thread is marked as "Answered." This does two things:


      • It provides the Adobe Forum Support Team with info to go to the upper-management of Adobe, to prove that the forums are viable for support.
      • It also provides users, who visit the forum later on, with the same, or similar problems, with knowledge that a particular threads HAS an answer, that was useful to the original poster (OP).


      There is also a little set of buttons in the Replies, "Was this helpful? Yes - No" that anyone can choose. This also provides data to the Adobe Forum Support Team, as it shows that others, viewing the thread, found the Reply to bue helpful to them.


      To all of you tthat have asked questions, please re-visit your threads and mark Replies as "Correct," or "Helpful," when they have helped you.That will mean a lot to the future of the Adobe Forums.


      To all of you reading threads, if you find a Reply helpful to you, please take a moment to let Adobe know that it was helpful - anyone can do this, not just the OP.


      Thank you.