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    [CS6] Multicam to After Effects - any sensible way?!

    AlexBardosch Level 1



      So I've been googling for a couple of hours and I can find no solution...


      I'm about to start a music video edit and I'll be wanting to take that edit into AE. But apart from dynamic linking the project into AE, which is really not that much of a good thing because then any changes to the edit would mess with any sequenced in/outs in AE and I wouldn't be able to change the edit in AE either, there seems to be absolutely no way.


      There was talk of a workaround by exporting an .xml and re-importing it, but I have tested this and it only works up to four tracks. As soon as you have five or more tracks in your multicam edit, you get "The importer reported a generic error".


      So... any sensible way to get a multicam edit into AE (let alone Resolve) or do I have to edit everything without mc?

      collapse multicam is sorely needed... -.-


      Thanks in advance!