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    How do I stop fonts from changing when I drag/copy a text box to a new document?


      I am using Mac OS X version 10.7.5 with CS6 version 8.0. When I create an ad in indesign and copy it or drag it onto another page (the finished layout page for a newspaper) Some of the fonts that are enabled in my suitcase, show as if they are not found when dragged to the new document. When i use "find font" and replace the "missing" font with the exact same one it was built with (in the other document) it comes in slightly different, and needs some adjusting. I deal with many ads and bringing them together to build many collective pages. How can I transfer my individual ad pages to my collective layout pages without having issues with font? I would like to still be able to edit the ad on the (collective) page, so placing a PDF or ID doc is not an option.


      Please help! this is slowing down production and proving very frustrating!


      Thanks in advance.