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    Remote inspector not displaying


      Dear Edge Inspect Team,


      I have been working with Shadow for quite a while and enjoyed using it until it became Edge Inspect. Besides a seemingly odd number of connectivity issues (I show the iOS app connected, but it won't update, or can't connect even though it is paired, authorized and listed as avaliable). I have to restart the Inpsect Desktop application to reset the connections to get the iOS apps to 'see' each other again.


      When it does work (btw in Shadow I had very few problems) the remote inspector does not allow me to actually inspect the page I am viewing. Either the button does nothing at all (besides forcing a reload on the iOS device) or when it dows popup it lists 'No Device' under the connections.


      How can this be fixed? So far I have been reinstalling the Desktop App, the chorme extension, and the iOS apps. What else can I do? I am on the same network as the devices too.


      Thank you very much for any help or suggestions.

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          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

          Sorry to hear you've been having issues getting and staying connected.


          Did you remove Shadow already?


          Are you on Windows or Mac OS? What version/edition?


          What version of Chrome are you using?

          Suggest you updated to the latest (22), if you haven't already, to see if that helps.

          You may also want to restart your computer just in case there is some issue related to Bonjour or another network service.

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            derSebastian Level 1

            Hi Carey,


            thank you for getting back to me. While I did remove Shadow and all others, it still did not respond and the on/off button did not seem to have any effect.


            I ended up removing the application and the chrome plugin, clearing Chrome's cache and reset it. After a restart and a new installation of the Edge Inspect components it works now. It's a little frustrating to have been forced to update and having to trouble shoot why the update did not work.


            But now it does work, but has a few issues with Chrome not displaying the pop-up from the button all the time. Otherwise it seems good to go.