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    Documentum CMS Enhancements

    bdpopp Level 1

      The Documentum integration in Framemaker 10/11 is really nice, but I  have a few suggestions that I feel are very important to making this functionality  more usable:


      1. When someone checks out old versions of a book, Framemaker should return only the documents that were active at the time that version of the book were checked in (see here). It currently seems to always checkout the most current version of each file. In our industry (and probably most others), it's extremely important to be able to pull up a book as it was at some point in the past.
      2. Allow more than one file to be selected in the Repository Manager. I should be able to select five checked out files and do a  "Cancel Checkout". Ideally I should be able to select all the files in a folder and be presented with all the options that make sense for the selection. In other words, if half the files in a folder are checked out, and I select the entire folder and do Cancel Checkout, Framemaker should do a cancel for any files where it's valid (ignoring any that aren't).
      3. Framemaker should notify the user that they have made changes and ask whether they would like to save prior to checkin. It will be very common for a user to forget this step and inadvertantly checkin without ever saving.  If they do checkin, then save, close the document, and then recheck out the same document, they will lose all their changes.
      4. When viewing a document via the CMS, the document should be locked somehow to prevent modifications.It's not obvious when a document has been checked out or is just being viewed.
      5. After checking in a document to the CMS, the document should be closed automatically to prevent further modification.


      Thanks for all the work. It's really nice to see Framemaker getting some love again. 


      Brian Popp