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    pixel aspect ratio problem facing!

    salman297 Level 1

      hey everybody:

      I am not very professional with photoshop. currently i am using ps cs5...

      i want to know that is there any type of solution for my issue:

      i am a amature graphic designer, i have to work pixel by pixel thts why i have to work in grid, do as i write below to understand my probem,please!

      I am assuming as ur using CS5....


      ctrl+o(open any picture file )>

      than go to VIEW>SHOW>GRID

      zoom pic until it stops zooming..

      than go to VIEW>PIXEL ASPECT RATIO>COUSTOM ASPECT RATIO>give a FACTOR of 0.75(it'll shrink the pic.)

      take pencil tool(chose any colour) and try wo work in a single pixel...... it never take 1 pixel ...i have to work in a single pixel.


      Please help me in this . any hack / scripting / proper way/ to let me work in a single pixel will be appriciated!

      U may find me irritating but please make this for me...


      Best Regards