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    TCS4 Robohelp's cpd file is over 500 MB

    dwc3 Level 1

      I've recently upgraded from TCS1 to 4. (I think that was RH7.) In that version, the cpd file would grow large (less than 50MB) and I'd just delete it periodically with no problems.


      I was hoping that TCS4 (RH10) wouldn't have that issue. With that in mind, I haven't been deleting the cpd file. I tried it once, but the results weren't good. So I've been leaving it alone, with the result that it's now over 500MB and has just crashed.


      Should it be doing this?


      I made a backup before the last round of updating, and was glad I did, because of the crash. I've made yet another backup just in case.


      Is it safe to let it keep building in size? Or is it better to delete the cpd file periodically? And will RoboHelp always be like this?