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    Narration/Noise control


      Working with Adobe Premier Elements 10.While recording our videos my wife and I would narrate what we were seeing while taking the video.She has passed away now so I cannot reproduce her voice.Many times we have background noises like truck motors, horns,whistles, etc.that are recorded with the narration.Is it possible to lower or delete these background noises so the narration can be clearly heard?Any help is appreciated!

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          I am sorry for your loss.


          As for the removal of noises, the success will depend on several things, such as the frequency range of the offending noise, and the frequency range of the Audio, that you wish to retain. This can be a lot of work, and may, or may not be that sucessful.


          Take a look at this article: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/572518?tstart=30


          There are a few programs mentioned in it, but for this process, I would start with Adobe Audition (though the free Audacity has a lot of power too), because it has many Presets for Restoration, that I find useful.


          Good luck,