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    I have a bunch of Find and Change options that I want to take place at one time?

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      I am using a Glyph find and change to change every capital letter in Bickman Script (first letter of a word) to change from the standard letter to the third option in the "Alternates For Selections" drop-down. Basically, I always want to use the 3rd option, the largest of the 3 characters for each Letter.


      The find and change works great, I can use the CID code to swap out the smaller T for the Larger 1. Problem is I need to do this for the entire document, as there are hundreds of envelopes in this file. So, I swap the small a for the big a, the small b for the big b etc. One find and change at a time for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Is there away to string a bunch of these find and changes into one saved command? so it goes through and does the entire alphabet at one time?


      I hope that makes sense???