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    Content  to text


      I’m doing a project whose I need to know the code to force a text fits in a box with a certain width.


      I saw on the network script that what they do is adapt the text box to the text in general.


      What I really need is the script code to the containing box, if you export a text occupies no matter what, but I best distribute it in the box "locked" it in there but I have to make space between letters as small as possible, or that the horizontal scale is 10%, which really matches the text box.


      I left another script below to show what can I do with the tagsnthat I say. It has to be something like the following for delete some pictures.



      <delete ifoverlapswith = "//name the box"/>



      My picture the a project:

      1.jpg1. ( one language)


      2.jpg 2. (another language)


      3.jpg 3. (=2 but corret text inside the box)