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    Good place to find out about relative merits of codecs

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      I ask this because I keep on wanting to know what are good codecs for certain purposes and rather than ask lots of seperate questions I was wondering if there was a good guide.  I am not looking for a book but a guide that indicates whitch are short gop (and good for editing) and whitch are long gop (and are playback formats).  Whitch codecs are old and not worth considering (mpeg1), that kind of thing.  I guess a table and paragraph about eatch. Whitch are good for whitch puroposes.


      My current question is what is a good format for archiving finished videoes (whitch you may want to take video file into an edit suite at a later date to use portions etc).  Should I use the HDTV MPEG2 presets in Media Encoder or the H.264 ones (I beleve H264 is long GOP) or something else.


      I am perticularly interested in the Media Encoder prsets.




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          Good question(s). The codec 'questions' could probably make a nice totally separate and huge "forum" with many different editors and players and so on inclusive.


          The short answer to the question 'codecs' is simply the most common answer among professionals in post production and broadcast facilities etc... which is basically " experiment and find out for yourself ".


          Basically it means, and this goes for EVERYONE " try stuff and see what works best ".


          And obviously this boils down to your workflow ( camera used, product desired, platform used, software available )


          Nobody knows the anwer to your question. You can get hints and suggestions, but the way things are going now ( very fast changes happening in all aspects each year and so many different variations of things ( codecs, media etc )...there simply is no simple answer to your question.


          But keep asking about specific things and you'll get some hints and suggestions from others who have similar workflows etc.


          good luck