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    Inserting Title variable that refers to topic other than where variable resides

    DMilkes Level 1

      Still using RH9, but I think RH10 is going into our upcoming budget. I understand the Title variable in the Fields and Variables dialog refers to the title of the topic in which you are placing the variable. However, I would like to use a topic title reference in another topic, because it is likely the title will change and I only want to change it in one place and have it reflected automatically.


      Here are two inadequate solutions I would reject:

      • Dragging the topic name from the Project Manager and then changing the title of the referred topic: it does not change the reference text.
      • Making a user defined variable: seems counterproductive because I will still be making one change too many.


      Example: I have a topic called VIP PO Approval that is referring to the VIP PO Upload/Entry topic. I am putting hyperlinks from the Approval topic to the Upload/Entry topic, but the text of the links should come from the "Upload/Entry" Topic Title field. If the powers that be change the spelling of Upload/Entry (perhaps include spaces around the slash), I only want to change it in the properties of that topic or rename it in Project Manager (the point is, in one place only).


      Does anyone know how to do this in RH9? Is there an enhancement in RH10?


      Thank you.