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    Color Scheme Help!

      Looking for color scheme suggestions for a web site that deals with Historic Preservation and Education. It's for a City, so nothing too flashy.

      Any suggestions would help!
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          rinse Level 1
          hmmm... do you have an identity already? logo, etc? maybe some color in there could serve as the base?

          also, how about thinking about this from a historical perspective.... every period has a "color history" – popular colors used during that era... what were the colors used in that time period in your region? have you visited some of the buildings/homes that are protected in that city's preservation society? what are the common colors in them? take photos and use them as base colors for kuler themes, creating triads and compund themse around them.
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            coldwarkid Level 1
            Good Ideas Rinse. Gave me a starting point. Thank you for the help!