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    Packaged files

      I have a settings.xml file under my src folder, which I like to distribute with the air installation package.
      I've had problems with this before, then it suddenly worked, and now I'm back at a point where it doesn't work again. Where do I select/choose/specify which files in the src folder I'd like to include in the build process. I've only found a checkbox in one of the application property tabs saying something like "include all files that are not embedded", but this has no effect.

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          anirudhs Level 2

          In flex builder, Project -> Export Release Build -> 3rd step in the wizard lets you pick files which you want to package with your AIR application.
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            KPE3000 Level 1
            The problem is that the files I used to mark in this window are now missing...

            I have restartet the IDE etc.
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              KPE3000 Level 1
              If I clean my debug-output folder the additional files (settings.xml etc.) are published along, but they are somehow not published to the release-output when doing an export build. I can work around this by copying the files manually, but this is pretty annoying in the long run.

              It seems like a bug - any comments?

              Just figured that adding the bin-release folder as a normal folder in the project, solves the problem.
              Just deleted the bin-release folder from the project again, and now everything is working normally.

              Anyone else having issues?