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    Standard Multiplugin?? Important??

    bizbeblu Level 1

      I've got about 4 hours of work into solving the dreaded  "Photoshop: CS6 saves in wrong file format on MacOS when trying to load obsolete plugins" (Aside: I don't suppose I can send Adobe an invoice for billable hours?? Naw, never happen.)


      After having done everything suggested by all publishers and respondents I could still not get CS6 PS to open and "save as" correctly. All of my plug-ins were current and the only linked ones were reinstalled after PS was updated. Reading carefully thru the following discussion http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/photoshop_cs6_saves_in_wrong_file_fo rmat I saw multiple mentions of the "Standard Multiple Plugin" as a possible source of the problem. Found this file in /Library/ Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins. (Mac OS X 10.7.5) Removed the file and PS does what it should: defaults to all file formats on open and allows any format to be selected on "save as."


      Get Info identifies this file as an Adobe plugin ver. 12.0.2 created and modified 7/18/11 obviously well before I got CS6. It also shows an Adobe copyright (2003-2010) message so this is NOT a third party plugin, nor is it a bad symlink, nor is it an outdated 3rd party plugin. Since this was placed there by the Adobe install and not modified by the CS6 upgrade, I can only conclude that Adobe wanted it there.


      So, the big question. What - if anything- will happen without this file in place and if it is necessary where does one obtain a new one?


      Again my appreciation to all how helped, but I think the OFFICIAL explanation (see above link) is not complete. Please note that I found none of the problems the above link identified as the source of this problem. Bluntly? I think Adobe's install/update blew this one considering how many people had problems. And no, I did not copy any old plug-ins to the new program nor did I have any bad aliases nor did I have multiple copies of anything. None of the official causes led to this bizarre behavior.




      Complete file name is: Standard Multiplugin.plugin

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Do you have the Extra plug-ins folder setting checked in your Preferences - Plug-ins section?


          If you're seeing plug-ins from an earlier version of Photoshop somehow you connected them together.



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            Why did you create a new topic when you already had a topic for your problem?


            Yes, the version that comes with CS6 is important -- but you copied a version from CS5.

            And that file does not belong in Application Support - the only thing that should be there is Adobe Camera Raw.

            Adobe did not install that plugin in that location -- it should not be there.

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              conroy Level 5


              Here is the path to the CS6 "Standard Multiplugin.plugin" with modified and created dates of 13 May 2012:


              /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop CS6.app/Contents/Required/Plug-Ins/Filters/Standard Multiplugin.plugin


              I think you'll find that you still have that one and your installation will work correctly without the 2011 plug-in.

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                PDFerguson Adobe Employee

                The Standard Multiplugin is (a) standard, and (b) a plugin that packages together multiple file formats (e.g. PNG, GIF, BMP, EXR) and filters (e.g. Clouds, Fibers, Extrude, Twirl, Wave, etc.)


                I don't know how a copy of the plugin wound up in your /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins folder because it doesn't belong there, and it is likely conflicting with the CS6 version of that plugin, which like all standard plugins, is now stored inside the Photoshop application bundle (rather than the Plug-Ins folder, which is reserved for third party plugins.)


                You should remove the file in  /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins, launch Photoshop CS6, and verify the formats and filters I mentioned above (that isn't a complete list) are present. They should be, and in that case, you're all set.


                Hope this helps,



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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  If Robert has just been copying files around until something interesting happens, might there not be more plug-ins in that folder that don't belong there?


                  Perhaps a good question to get answered would be:  What's in that folder by default?


                  How is it there's a folder from which Photoshop enumerates plug-ins that's not subdivided by version?


                  Perhaps a full listing of Help - System Info might be a good thing to post.



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                    conroy Level 5

                    Noel Carboni wrote:


                    Perhaps a good question to get answered would be:  What's in that folder by default?


                    Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 00.02.49.png

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                      bizbeblu Level 1

                      Why did you create a new topic when you already had a topic for your problem?


                      Yes, the version that comes with CS6 is important -- but you copied a version from CS5.

                      And that file does not belong in Application Support - the only thing that should be there is Adobe Camera Raw.

                      Adobe did not install that plugin in that location -- it should not be there.




                      I created a new thread because the old one was mixed with the much earlier discussion that I received a link to via email (Thank you for that) and I was not sure that the multiplugin question was the same theme.


                      I am trying very hard to be polite here, but your repeated suggestion that "you copied a version from CS5" is not only incorrect but strongly suggests a "user is an idiot" attitude that many tech people have (including myself when I was in said position). I don't know if you feel this way or not though I can certainly understand how I got there and thus left the industry.


                      I did not and I repeat this strongly did NOT copy any file from CS5 to anywhere or anything to do with CS6. I have no "Extra Plug-ins folder." Never have. I have never linked anything between multiple versions of the same program. That's simply asking for trouble. I always leave installs where the program demands to be.  I ran the standard installer that came on the CD and the results are what I have experienced. I've been at this business since UNIX was new and am quite aware of what I do and do not do when working in program installation. I'm extremely aware that in a UNIX based system applications need to find things in exact places. Mucking about inside of application folders is something I rarely do and then only when I'm absolutely positive it is necessary. (I mean come on, I can create symlinks at the command line. There is no way I'd be screwing around linking things that shouldn't be connected!)


                      My upgrade path was long use of CS5, a brief stint with CS5.5 on the promise of a "free" upgrade to CS6 then a direct install from the CS6 CD over my existing installation. I then deleted the older versions. As for how an outdated version of the multiplugin got to this location? Possibly  a third party install placed it there? I have no way  of knowing. I have noted since moving the old multiplugin that at least one of the Topaz plugins (DeNoise 5) absolutely hangs PS when it writes back to the file (2 others tested work fine). The force quit dialog box does not indicate that PS isn't responding, but force quitting is the only way out. I recognize that you are not responsible for 3rd party plugins and am already in dialog with that company.


                      A search of my machine on "Standard Multiplugin" shows that there is a current version (13.0) at ~/Applications/Adobe Illustrator/Plug-ins/Photoshop Filters. There is an identical copy at ~/Applications/Adobe Bridge CS6/Plug-ins. With the removal of the outdated version from /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS6 the only things remaining there are the folders "File Formats" and "XMPFiles." Within "File Formats" is the Camera Raw.plugin (ver. 7.1).


                      What I do need to know is should there be a copy of this plugin in the ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS6? And if so, can it be copied there from one of the other locations? If not do I need to completely re-install PS?


                      Again, I stress, however this ill-fated, ill-formed, unloved plugin got there was not by this user's action. As I'm thinking about this I seem to remember back in CS2 or 3 days a similar problem with the same plugin, but that was a long time ago, so I can't swear to it.


                      Again I appreciate all assistance (even if I get a bit testy - Sorry bout that)


                      Thank you,



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                        conroy Level 5

                        I guess you never read a word of my attempts to help you, or chose to disregard them. I posted the correct path for the correct CS6 plug-in and I posted a screenshot of what should be in the folder where you did have an outdated plug-in.


                        Do not rely on a Finder/Spotlight search to reveal all plug-ins. Two excellent third-party search utilities are EasyFind and Find Any File.

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                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                          bizbeblu wrote:


                          Again, I stress, however this ill-fated, ill-formed, unloved plugin got there was not by this user's action.


                          I'm sorry if you took from my post above some "user is an idiot" implication, but a lot of people using computers don't really know about files and folders, and how stuff works.


                          I've been a computer software engineer for 36 years.   I know what I'm doing as well as anyone, I'd wager, but I would never, ever say that something that's gone wrong absolutely could not have been a result of my action.  However well-trained I am, however knowledgeable I am, I'm not above being confused, zoning out, or doing something stupid.  Put simply I - like you - am human.


                          I'm convinced you didn't put it there on purpose (or don't remember doing so), but accidentally dropping something in entirely the wrong folder - especially one called Plug-ins does seems like more of a human kind of mistake to make than a computer error, don't you think?


                          Anyway, as Conroy has shown so nicely above, it looks like nothing normally is supposed to live in that folder, while Camera Raw.plugin files are normally found in appropriate subfolders.  So it seems like you just need to delete the contents of  /Library/ Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins.


                          I'm still a little surprised Adobe would enumerate plug-ins from the parent folder of the version numbered subfolder, which invited this very problem.



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                            bizbeblu Level 1



                            I did read your post and checked my machine. On this Mac OS X 10.7.5 machine, the path is as follows ~/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6. Within that directory (folder) is the application itself, 4 folders labeled Configuration, Legal, Locales, Plug-ins, Presets. There are also 2 pdfs and a link to the Uninstall Adobe . . .


                            If I do a right click and select "Show Package Contents" there is - ah I see! I didn't intuit the necessity to examine the package contents from your list. Indeed if I drill down .../Required/Plug-ins/Filters there is in fact the correct multiplugin file ver. 13.0. I suppose I should have guessed the "Show Package Contents" from the fact that you referenced Photoshop.ap. Missed that one.


                            There is significant confusion here I think in the fact that there are - relative to CS6-PS on OS X - at least 2 places where there is a plug-in folder. The path I listed above and the path Conroy listed by opening the package contents. Also some 3rd party developers symlink from the correct plug-ins folder to ~/Library/Application Support/ISVName  If I understand correctly only Adobe plug-ins go in the folder inside the application package and 3rd party go up the next level. Correct?


                            Okay, so it seems things are in their correct places and I'm left with the mystery as to how that bugger got where it did, but I'll never know. I now need to figure out why Topaz is crashing.


                            Again, thank you.


                            I was not aware that Spotlight did not examine inside of packages when listing files as this one doesn't show on a search. That was one of the first things I searched for. A useful thing to know though I'm not sure why the OS would be that way.


                            Again thanks to all for helping.




                            Additional note. I see in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe left over data from **every** version of any Adobe product I've ever installed on this machine (back to Illustrator 10). Interesting.


                            Second note: I can't prove this but it appears that when I tried a demo of the Topaz program photoFXLab the multiplug was installed or moved or whatever as my difficulties with PS began at that time. Could be coincidence?

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                              Level 7

                              Nobody said you were an idiot.


                              But at some point you did copy that plugin into that folder by mistake.  The Adobe installers would not have placed it there (for multiple reasons).


                              And loading that old plugin is causing problems in Photoshop CS6, like we said.


                              Leave the copies in Illustrator and Bridge alone.


                              (and that plugin didn't exist back before CS5)



                              >>What I do need to know is should there be a copy of this plugin in the ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS6? And if so, can it be copied there from one of the other locations? If not do I need to completely re-install PS?


                              No, it should not be there.


                              No, do not copy it, just delete it.


                              The only thing that should be in that folder is the Camera RAW plugin.


                              Reinstalling won't do anything - because the installer did not put that plugin there and won't remove that plugin.

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                                bizbeblu Level 1


                                Your point is well taken and I retract the categorical statement. Still the likelihood that it was by my agency seems small. As I noted above the trouble all started after installing a demo of a "plug-in manager" program. I have encountered ISVs doing things they ought not be doing (as I'm sure you have also). I do agree that Adobe's "architecture" here is rather odd and clearly in this case caused a lot of people problems. What is also interesting is that it seems in Illustrator and Bridge the plugs are supported directly in the application folder. Don't know why there is a difference.



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                                  bizbeblu Level 1


                                  Thank you for your patience. Quick question. Can 3rd party ISV's license/use Adobe plug-ins as part of their program additions?





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                                    Level 7

                                    Yes, a third party can use them as long as they are covered by a valid Photoshop license.


                                    And there have been third party plugin manager applications in the past.

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                                      PDFerguson Adobe Employee

                                      Let me try to clear up some of the questions about where plugins reside, because it can be confusing, and we have changed this in Photoshop CS6.


                                      In "ye olde days", life was simple. Photoshop plugins all lived in the Plug-Ins folder, which was right next to the application. All the plugins that shipped with Photoshop went there, as well as any third party plugins the user added.


                                      Along the way, we added a preference where users could specify an additional plugin folder, which was intended for Photoshop plugins that might be used by Photoshop and other applications (e.g. Illustrator or Bridge). This was the beginning of having Photoshop plugins be shareable among more than one application.


                                      We later codified this process by adding an explicitly shared location, which was /Library (or ~/Library)/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins. This was further refined by adding subdirectories for CS5, CS6, etc. This is where Camera Raw is normally installed, because from its inception, it was shared between Photoshop, Bridge, and other apps.


                                      In Photoshop CS6, we added a new folder location to the list, which in Mac OS X was inside the application bundle, in the Required/Plug-Ins folder. The standard plugins that ship with Photoshop were moved from the external Plug-Ins folder of old into this new location. We did this to help shield these plugins from being accidently deleted or moved, as well as to avoid intermingling Adobe plugins with third party plugins. This makes it easier for users to see what third party plugins they have installed. The original Plug-Ins folder next to the Photoshop application is reserved for Photoshop-specific, third party plugins; the folder gets created during installation, but is initially empty. (Note also that from Photoshop's standpoint, it doesn't care at all about the subdirectories within the Plug-Ins folder, these are merely a convenience for users.)


                                      We made this change in CS6 because a significant percentage of tech support cases involve troubleshooting plugin related problems, either due to bad (e.g. out of date) third party plugins, or users accidently deleting plugins they need. By moving the standard plugins inside the application bundle, users are less likely to delete things they shouldn't, and it is easier to identify Adobe vs. third party plugins.


                                      Problems can arise when the same plugin ends up in multiple locations; this thread is an example of that. We've also seen users just copy over all the Adobe plugins from CS5 into CS6 because they mistakenly thought the plugins were not installed. This is a known design issue in Photoshop, and I expect we will address this as some point in the future. The plugin architecture has grown over the years, and we are always looking for ways to reduce problems, and make it easier and simpler to manage plugins not only for Photoshop but across all the Adobe applications.


                                      As to how the Standard Multiplugin may have wound up in your Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins folder, it certainly is possible the installer for another Adobe app was the culprit, but I don't know for sure. I do know that the Photoshop installer did not put it there, but in any event it sounds like you have sorted this out for now.


                                      Hope this helps,



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                                        bizbeblu Level 1



                                        Thank you for the lengthy response. I thought things had changed, but wasn't sure.


                                        Here is what I think I know about this paticular incident:


                                        (1) CS6-PS had been running for me for at least 3 months, stable and predictable.

                                        (2) While I didn't figure this out till later, my problems began when I tried a demo of a "plugin manager" program.

                                        (3) I found the program to not be useful and deleted it (using AppCleaner which clearly doesn't get everything).

                                        (4) As I worked thru all the suggestions and discussions I couldn't find any of the causes listed.

                                        (5) I finally found that the plugin producer symlinks from the correct PS6 plugin folder to a folder in /Library/Application Support/Vendor_name

                                        (6) It was here that I found the outdated version of multistandard.plugin

                                        (7) Deleting this restored proper functionality to Open and Save as in PS

                                        (8) I have no clue how the plugin got there as I know I didn't put it there. Note that the vendor is placing plugins at the root level rather than in the user directory.

                                        (9) I'm still having some problems with this specific vendor's products, but that isn't germane to this discussion.


                                        I appreciate all who contributed and apologize for getting over-heated in my responses. I tend to get crabby when on deadline and things go wonky. No excuse, just the reason behind.




                                        Things I've learned: (1) Spotligt doesn't reveal files in app bundles. (2) Adobe has changed the handling of plugins and probably some vendors have not kept up. (3) 3rd party vendors will put things in odd and unpredictable places. No idea why.

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                                          Glad to hear things are working again, and sorry about the confusion.


                                          (and I'll just blame the plugin manager)