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    Thought this would be so simple (enabling / disabling buttons)

    miner2049er Level 1
      What I am trying to achieve is a graphic toggle effect so clicking on PLAY makes it's display become PAUSE, and vice versa.

      The app starts playing, showing a playing icon. When I click that as exepected, the movie pauses and shows a paused icon. But when I try to click on the paused icon, to resume play, nothing happens and the movie does not resume staying on the play icon. Any advice folks?

      Files uploaded to www.simobile.com/uploads/videoplayer.zip

      and here's some background info:

      Dragged from the Flash's Window > Common Libraries

      on the stage I have instances of the three buttons

      - rounded green back, with instance name "buttonback"
      - rounded green pause, with instance name "buttonpause"
      - rounded green forward, with instance name "buttonforward"
      - rounded green play, with instance name "buttonplay"

      and an instance of FLVPlayback.

      In AS2 code on just one frame I have: