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    SMPTE-TT Plugin




      First let me start off by saying I have recently implemented the SMPTE-TT plugin supplied with OSMF and it's really great!  This is nearly broadcast quality captioning in a web player!


      One thing I would like to do is prevent my control rack from going over the captions when it is displayed (it autohides after short period).


      I can't figure out if I should set some Layout metadata for the caption plugin, or what the deal is.  Any advice would be appreciated!



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          Gaius Coffey Level 2


          Not seen that plugin! I saw the one to parse and generate captioning events, but nothing for display (so I cooked up one of my own). Will do a quick search to see if I can find it.


          LayoutMetadata isn't conditional, so I imagine that you either need to set the caption layoutMetadata to show where the controls won't or to listen for caption show / hide events and modify the layoutMetadata programmatically accordingly.



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            TheRossman Level 1

            Thanks for the feedback Gaius!


            Appreciate the pointers and will hopefully be able to figure it out at some point!